Kyle Newacheck is a filmmaker. He Directs, Edits, Produces, and Writes. He has been in Hollywood working professionally since 2003, when he was 19 years old.  He attended the Los Angeles Film School, Majoring in Editing in 2004. 

He worked right out of school landing a job at a trailer editing house in Santa Monica as an assistant editor.  He studied the art of trailer editing, working alongside the editors and cutting his own versions at night.

He always had a love for being on set as well, and soon after the trailer house, found himself working on independent films in the grip and electrical department, moving up to Gaffer and Key Grip.  This was great for him because he had the oppurtunity to watch how a set was ran from the ground up, all the while learning how to do the “grunt work”, the stuff that physically makes a movie happen... so now he’s not afraid to touch a light or help rig a car while directing.

Soon after that, he started teaching at The Los Angeles Film School, the school he graduated from 2 years prior.  He was 22 years old when he started teaching AVID 1 and AVID 2, making him the youngest teacher in the schools history.  He received accolades from the students, claiming to be “Very Knowledgeable”, and “relatable, and easy to talk to”  He still teaches at the Film School to this day.

A little time prior to the school, Kyle helped to form the sketch comedy group “Mail Order Comedy with Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm.  He directs and edits all of their stuff and writes with the group.  They have created countless internet sketches, TV pilots, and web series working with Myspace.com, StupidVideos.com, Flektor.com, Comedy.com, and more.

Working with MOC allowed Kyle to branch out and work as a director/editor for other companies and websites (National Lampoon, superdeluxe.com, ManiaTV.com, Shopfilck.com)  He also worked with other sketch troops, Sketch Camp, and Davidson, and directed all videos for the rebirth of the National Lampoon Lemmings.

More recently, he has been able to take what he has learned from teaching, seeing students graduate and not having connections in the film industry, and combine it with his vast knowledge of internet production and low budget production, to help create Crewplay.com.  He teamed with Ben Watkins to create crewplay.com, a social networking website devoted to keeping crew members connected, and helping to create an outlet to form new professional relationships. With the film industry moving as rapidly as it is, and more and more low budget productions surface, it is important to have a centralized hub for the people that work in it, most of whom do not have a union to turn to.  It is proving to be a good tool for the crew members, as it boasts 600 members within the first four months of beta stages.

Kyle primarily works out of his studio in Van Nuys, CA.  He and his brother, Adam Newacheck, recently formed NewacheckBrothers Productions, a complete package who are capable of taking care of all aspects, from pre-production, producing, scouting, hiring crew, logistics of shots, to shooting it, cutting it, post audio, color correction, and delivering the project on whatever medium you need.  You can view their demo reel below.